sâmbătă, 15 august 2015

Island of Eternal Spring

Canary Islands are some of the most visited islands in Europe by tourists worldwide. We know that of these islands Tenerife is the main attraction, but all are visited by millions of tourists annually. As one of my favorite exotic places, and I love Tenerife and even planning to move out there a while. From my point of view because it has both mountains and ocean beaches, Tenerife seems the ideal place to spend your vacation. Being a place with a warm climate, including winter, it is visited in any month of the year, including the months of December and January. Although its local autonomy, Canary Islands belong to Spain as a country and not an independent country. Tourists who visit say it is a corner of paradise where it's worth going at least once in life. Teide Mountains are crossed by tourists ready to climb up to over 3,000 meters, see places where lush mountain landscapes, and here you can enjoy Siam Park. I wish you all to have some of the least pleasant holidays in this paradise called "eternal spring". In the next post, I will write detailed information about the different beaches and places to visit in Tenerife. Source of images: wikimedia.org

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