luni, 17 august 2015

Long Term Rental Tenerife

About long-term rentals in Tenerife I write in this blog post. I'm writing this article because even think to travel to Tenerife and look where to find long term rent. I'm with my family, and I wish you two rooms can be it about the apartment or house. In recent weeks I searched the internet and about tickets and about accommodation.

From what I understand, reading including discussion forums, is that if you cheat should be sought directly from the owner or to search directly in Tenerife when you get there. Residents of Tenerife and those who offer rent directly promote their offer and too few at a listing on the internet. This is why some advise that it is better to look at the spot directly in tenrife because you will find many more offers.

Prices for rent long term, I mean cheap prices are between 350 euro a one bedroom apartment or a room, for 500-600 euros a suite with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, common pool outside, etc. The quality of supply is generally proportional to the price, but in most situations, even with low price offers have a quality standard ok enough to live in such apartments long term rented in Tenerife Island. In general a cheap room has 2 beds, bathroom equipped with a small kitchen and the dining room equipped with everything you need for essentials.

From what I read on the internet, the hosts are very welcoming, leaving a good impression in most situations, although in a few cases I have seen tourists was criticized for not cleaning well enough or other reasons to the hosts. For those who rent a room or suite term I would recommend searching the internet first month, and then look directly in Tenerife, where there are many more deals. I stop here with this post but I'll be back with more in the next period. Goodbye.God Bless You!

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